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Giving Up Something For Lent?

Giving up Something for Lent??

Like New Years resolutions I struggle with giving up things for Lent. I struggle with it for two main reasons. First, it seems to me as if most people are flippant about deciding what they are going to give up. Chocolate seems to be the most common choice and let’s be honest, I love chocolate. So that brings me to the second main reason, I am not sure if I will have the will power to complete my Lenten fast.

This year I am not planning on giving anything up as I couldn’t think of anything, but I do think it is pretty awesome when someone feels strongly enough to give something up that they are able to follow through on it for the entire season of Lent.

So why do people give up things for Lent? What is the point? The inspiration comes from the beginning of the ministry of Jesus as immediately after He was baptized Jesus went into the wilderness and fasted for forty days. Before his three years of ministry Jesus first went into the wilderness to spend time in prayer and fasting in order to prepare.

That is the inspiration for giving up something for Lent. So it may surprise you to read that I’m not giving up something for Lent this year. I considered various options, but nothing seemed appropriate for me for this year. Last year I gave up sugar and it was a good choice, though a hard one. I am still considering whether to give up something or to add a spiritual discipline.

Did you give up something for Lent? Did you add a discipline? Maybe daily meditation and prayer? Maybe a Bible reading or some other daily reading? Please share what you’re doing for Lent and what your reasons are.

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